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Lawyer says he could plead guilty or not guilty in the case

Fabio Puglisi to return to court on August 22

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20 juin 2024






Marie-Claude Pilon
Par Marie-Claude Pilon, Journaliste

The case of Fabio Puglisi, the 44-year-old man charged with second-degree murder, attempted murder with assault with a weapon and aggravated assault in Vaudreuil-Dorion last February, was back in court on Thursday, June 20. The accused was absent, however, and represented by his lawyer Me. Alexandre Dubé, who requested a postponement of the case until August, before Judge Bertrand St-Arnaud. 

This morning, Crown prosecutor Lili Prévost-Gravel handed over additional evidence to the defense. "I received one of the two pieces of evidence missing from the file. The other is at the forensic laboratory and should be sent to me shortly. I would like my client to be present at the next court date, since a final position could be announced," Me. Dubé to the magistrate. 

Earlier this year, Mr. Puglisi was found fit to stand trial, although he remains detained at the Institut de psychiatre Philippe-Pinel for the duration of the proceedings. A court order to this effect was issued by the Tribunal at a previous appearance. 

At this health institution, he was medicated and enabled to understand the charges against him, according to a report filed a few weeks ago by psychiatrist France Proulx. At the same hearing, Judge Bertrand St-Arnaud strongly advised the accused to continue his medical treatment, even though he is no longer legally obliged to do so. 

Shortly before the February 15 tragedy, Fabio Puglisi had appeared in another case, this time for assault. 

The case will return to court on Thursday, August 22, for the proforma inquiry in the presence of the accused.  

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