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Outlook for the future

Saint-Lazare unveils two special urban plans to residents

durée 11h30
7 février 2024






Marie-Claude Pilon
Par Marie-Claude Pilon, Journaliste

The collective vision for the future of the village core and Cité-des-Jeunes sector was shared with residential and corporate citizens at an evening event that brought to a close 17 months of public participation.

Ville de Saint-Lazare's Service de l'urbanisme, in collaboration with the consulting firm L'Arpent, enthusiastically welcomed residents and members of the business community to City Hall on February 6 for an evening of public presentation of the results of the various stages of consultation on the future of the village core and the Cité-des-Jeunes sector.

Both sectors are undergoing change and needmodernization. To achieve a collective vision, Ville de SaintLazare has embarked on a participatory process involving the population, entrepreneurs, major property owners, experts, elected officials and municipal civil servants. This process began in October 2022 and concluded last night with the presentation of the results of the two Plans particuliers d'urbanisme (PPU). The overall objective of the process was to ask the various stakeholders to describe their dream vision of these two sectors in a 5 to 10-year timeframe, which would take us to 2035.

Those in attendance, both physically and virtually, were able to see several ambiance renderings of the heart of the village and the Cité-des-Jeunes, illustrating what these areas could look like in a few years' time when the PPUs are implemented.

In the absence of Mayor Geneviève Lachance, District 4 Councilor and Substitute Mayor, Mr. Michel Poitras, launched the activity on behalf of the City Council:

"This initiative is of profound significance for the economic and social development of Saint-Lazare, and we are determined to see it through. The City Council, unanimous in its support for this initiative, recognizes the importance of ensuring transparency, interactivity, and above all, balance throughout the process."

Here are the highlights of the visions for the village core dreamed up by the various project participants, as compiled and analyzed by the firm L'Arpent:

- In 2035, the Saint-Lazare village core is a dynamic living environment, inhabited and frequented by people of all ages;

- Every day, the people of Saint-Lazare visit the village core to spend time together, have fun and recharge their batteries;

- The village landscape of the core area is fully expressed on Chemin Sainte-Angélique, with its fine architecture, variety of independent businesses, rich cultural programming and living built heritage;

- The activity hubs on Chemin Sainte-Angélique and Avenue Bédard are linked by a network of high-quality public spaces and structuring active mobility infrastructures;

- Residents, visitors and schoolchildren use the efficient, safe and user-friendly local active mobility network, which encourages them to leave the car behind and enjoy the area.

In turn, the dream vision for the Cité-des-Jeunes sector was unveiled;

- In 2035, the Cité-des-Jeunes sector is a true living environment, welcoming a variety of households in attractive, complete neighborhood;

- Saint-Lazare residents of all ages and backgrounds socialize daily in public spaces, on bike paths, on their way to school, to the grocery store or to the bus stop;

- The conviviality of these neighborhoods helps to create bonds of neighborliness and maintain a strong sense of belonging among residents;

-The landscape quality of living environments, the enhancement of wooded areas and the protection of wetlands and streams strengthen the sector's natural capital and environmental resilience;

- In 2035, the Cité-des-Jeunes sector is a coherent, unified economic hub, which has benefited from the arrival of the Vaudreuil-Soulanges hospital;

- The sustainable business park attracts dynamic small and medium-sized businesses and has a regional impact;

- The new Cité-des-Jeunes retail offering meets the needs of the area's residents and is consistent with the living environment.

In both cases, we note a vision of enhancing community life, culture and heritage, economic revitalization and a renewed ecological and sustainable commitment for Ville de Saint-Lazare.

The PPUs' presentations were each followed by a question and comment period during which participants in the room were able to express their views.

Over the next few days, both project plans will be posted on the City's website. Residents will have the opportunity to submit final comments until February 23, 2024 by e-mail to [email protected]. In the coming months, a public consultation meeting will be held to discuss the regulatory amendments to be made to the urban planning bylaws. This will be announced by public notice.

Thanks to the invaluable participation of the population and stakeholders, the City can begin the work of planning, decision-making and investing in the territory in the years to come, in the knowledge that this work will reflect the wishes and needs of all.

A few reminder

The Cité-des-Jeunes sector is currently characterized by the cohabitation of multiple uses, activities and buildings of all kinds, in addition to presenting large tracts of land left vacant until now or to be redeveloped. With the imminent opening of the Vaudreuil-Soulanges regional hospital, the Citédes-Jeunes area is now under increased pressure for real estate development. The area offers a range of assets and features that cannot be ignored, but are not necessarily suitable for every type of project. Careful planning is needed to meet the diverse needs of current and future residential and corporate residents.

For its part, the village core represents the beating heart of Saint-Lazare, where a variety of activities and uses (residential, commercial, institutional, cultural, leisure, etc.) come together on a daily basis. It's a living environment that drives the city's dynamism. Renewing its vitality depends to a large extent on the development of a coherent mix of present and future uses. 



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