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Against Westwood High School

Pionniers de Soulanges M14-D4 lose 3-1

durée 13h30
6 février 2024






Marie-Claude Pilon
Par Marie-Claude Pilon, Journaliste

Late on Monday afternoon, February 5, the Pionniers de Soulanges M14-D4 took on Westwood High School. Despite a fine effort in the 2nd and 3rd periods, the home team lost 3-1 to their opponents.

A slow start, lack of intensity and penalties sealed the game's outcome. Nevertheless, the coaches saw some good things from the game, and when players work together with energy and roll up their sleeves, that's when the Soulanges Pioneers become dangerous against other clubs.

The goalkeeper was pulled out of goal at the end of the 3rd period, and the battalion unleashed on the opposing net. As the saying goes, the puck wasn't rolling for the Pionniers, as they had a ton of opportunities to get back into the game. 

Two young men stood out for their positive attitude and intensity during this game, according to the coaches. The first is Matisse Hébert, who works hard every time he takes to the ice and focuses on the offensive side of his game, the coaches analyzed after the game. At 6 feet tall, Matisse is a big man, a snarler, a colossus when he places himself confidently in front of the opposing goalie.

For his part, Elliot Hallé impressed the coaching staff with his determination and consistency. "Despite a fall at the start of the game, he never gave up during the three periods of the match. He made light of his pain, redoubled his efforts and displayed his courage and talent every time he jumped on the ice... in fact, for all the world to see, he stunned the gallery with his lion's heart", we concluded.



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