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A new home in Saint-Zotique for the Maison de la Famille Vaudreuil-Soulanges

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18 septembre 2023
Jessica Brisson

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5 minutes

Par Jessica Brisson, Éditrice adjointe

The Maison de la Famille Vaudreuil-Soulanges (MFVS) will have a brand new home in Saint-Zotique. Scheduled to begin construction in the spring of 2024, the new building will enable the deployment of several services and programs for Soulanges families.

The construction project is the result of several targeted consultations with families, employees and community partners in the spring of 2023. 

The new home will be located at 1008, rue Principale, where the Maison des optimistes currently stands. The Municipality of Saint-Zotique has signed a 99-year emphyteutic lease with the organization. This lease will entitle the Maison de la Famille to use the land for the construction of their new premises, while paying a symbolic rent of $1.

"We are very proud to see this non-profit organization invest in the construction of their new premises in our community. Their work is invaluable, and we are grateful that they have chosen to continue it here, among us. It's a testament to their commitment to our town and their dedication to our citizens," said Saint-Zotique Mayor Yvon Chiasson at the press conference.

With this project, the Maison de la Famille aims to reach 250 new families in Soulanges County.

New services for families

For Maison de la Famille Executive Director France Pominville, the announced project qualifies as historic, not only for the organization, but for all community organizations in Quebec.

The new home will enable the deployment of a number of services and programs, such as homework help and tutoring, language stimulation workshops, a community drop-in daycare center, perinatal programming, as well as access supervision services.

For Diane Lyonnais, President of the Maison's Board of Directors, the announced project is a bold initiative aimed at greatly expanding services in the Soulanges area.

"This development of services is made necessary by the arrival of new families, demographic growth and the fact that young people aged 0 to 14 account for nearly a quarter of Saint-Zotique's population. We are very concerned about the growing number of children in the area. The Maison de la Famille also wants to offer more services to this segment of the population, because we know that they are more isolated from the major centers, and the question of transportation and getting around is an issue, a challenge. Local services are therefore very important," said Ms. Lyonnais. 

By building a new home adapted to the growing needs of the population, the Maison de la Famille team also hopes to correct a certain inequity between the Vaudreuil and Soulanges sectors.

"You know that we're based in Vaudreuil-Dorion, for the Vaudreuil sector, and that many services are offered there. On the Soulanges side, it's clear that our programming deserves to be expanded and, above all, improved, so that the Soulanges sector receives the services it needs," added the Chairman of the Board. 

Working together to serve the community

Estimated at $1.2 million, the project will be carried out by design-builder Struxar, in partnership with architect Claude Matte and contractor Sylvain Ménard.

Maxime Poirier, president of Struxar, is a father of four who is deeply involved with young people, and is delighted to be able to put his expertise to work for the Maison de la Famille.

"Our interest in this project stems in part from our desire to help the Maison de la Famille strengthen its mission by reducing the environmental impact of its social action. It's stimulating to work with an organization that values energy efficiency and environmentally-friendly, sustainable construction of its living space," said Mr. Poirier.

The contractor took advantage of the press conference to present a few sketches of the project. According to the projections, the new Maison de la Famille should have two floors. A community room is planned for the first floor, along with a drop-in daycare center. The consultation rooms for the various services would be located upstairs. A green space and parking spaces are also planned.

"I visited the facility in Vaudreuil-Dorion, which was originally built as a residence. In Saint-Zotique, we really want to take advantage of the opportunity to create an environment that will help the service offering; something welcoming, up to date", he added.

Major financial partners

MFVS's goal is to create a home that is truly the home of the community, a place where families will feel supported, connected and fulfilled. 

To ensure the realization of this major project, the Maison de la Famille Vaudreuil-Soulanges will be financed by the accumulated assets of its self-financing activities, by donors and partners, and by government subsidies. 

A socio-financing campaign via the La Ruche platform will also be launched shortly. Claude DeBellefeuille, Member of Parliament for Salaberry-Suroît, will be honorary president of the upcoming fundraising campaign.

"It's such a great project for our community that when I was approached to chair the fundraising campaign, I had no choice but to accept. The construction of a new Maison de la Famille in Saint-Zotique is essential for the families and citizens of the Soulanges area, which is experiencing a demographic explosion. I invite the region's business community to take an interest in this major project and participate in the fundraising campaign, so that families and children can finally have a new place to love, learn and grow in Saint-Zotique," declared the MP.

Although the campaign has not yet been officially launched, the MSFV can count on the financial support of Promutuel Assurances Horizon-Ouest. Indeed, the company took advantage of the press conference to announce its commitment to donate $40,000 to the project, via its program, Au coeur de la collectivité.

Lisa Boulianne, communications and marketing advisor at Promutuel, praised the work of the MFVS team. "It's an honor for us to be here today to celebrate, with all of you, the great news that is the construction of the new Maison de la Famille in Saint-Zotique. This new building will enable the organization to provide even greater support to Soulanges families. The new permanent services offered in an adapted facility will contribute positively to the development of children and the well-being of our community. The financial donation offered at the start of the project will give the Maison de la Famille a solid base from which to seek out other financial partners willing to embark on this wonderful adventure."

For her part, the General Manager of Promutuel Assurances Horizon-Ouest stated in a press release: "Year after year, Promutuel Assurance demonstrates its mutualist values by supporting numerous local organizations in setting up promising projects that improve the quality of life and energize our beautiful region. This new Maison de la Famille is wonderful news for the region, and we couldn't be prouder to contribute to its realization, which will enable this wonderful organization to expand its essential services and support even more parents in their children's development."

Finally, the MNA for Soulanges, Marilyne Picard, announced a financial contribution of $30,000 via the support for volunteer action.

The new Maison de la famille de Saint-Zotique is scheduled to open in early 2025.










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